Case Study: Automating In The Moment Marketing

As one of the world’s largest travel marketplaces for both established brands and entrepreneurs of all sizes, our end client enables properties all over the world to reach a global audience and grow their businesses.

This online travel business wished to automate their systems driven mailings such as account activation and lapsed customer mailings alongside voucher marketing, all driven by customers’ online behaviours, seamlessly connecting on the online experience with offline, tangible communications.

3.1percentThe mailing activity proved successful when communications arrived with a customer or potential customer within a maximum of six days from the point of online browsing or activity.

For example, if a customer received a personalised promotional flyer within six days of browsing venues, they would experience a 3.1% response rate.


However, receipt of the same flyers after eight days, the response rate would reduce by over 50%.

Our client partnered with a technology company specialising in the automation of mail, facilitating the connectivity of offline and online worlds. The businesses approached Precision Proco in 2018 to become their sole UK print partner to facilitate the production and distribution of mailings via our automated workflows and industry-leading print output technology.

Precision Proco was contracted to facilitate the print and production of 1.5 million unique direct mail items in a combination of formats in each 24-hour period. They were then to be finished, enclosed, and mailed to reach the target customer within six working days.

The key to the successful implementation of this project was the application of technology to create a seamless transfer, cleanse and submission of data and assets into Precision Proco’s systems via workflow integration.

The client deposited data onto Precision Proco servers at their desired frequency, allowing Precision Proco to automatically onboard the data into their workflow, download artwork assets by record, and enable the desired unique personalisation, such as bar codes QR codes etc. via a bespoke multi-threaded artwork engine. The data is then mail sorted and merged back with the artwork assets and batched into production batches for print, enclosing and distribution.

The systems and techniques employed within the project allow us to facilitate the print and distribution of up to 1.5 million unique items per 24-hour period.

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