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The Modern Marketer's Guide: Crafting Memorable IRL Retail Experiences

In an age of digital dominance and convenience, it’s crucial for physical retail stores to offer consumers more than a mere transactional exchange; they need to excite, to engage and to take shoppers on a trip they’ll remember.

Just as consumer behaviour and expectations have changed towards online shopping, the same goes for offline, meaning brands need to tap into shoppers’ wants and desires to deliver an experience that aligns with their preferences and that can’t be replicated digitally.

And so, in this latest Modern Marketer’s Guide, we’ll be delving into what consumers crave from their in-store visits, how showstopping POS and retail displays play an impactful role and what will keep those IRL shoppers coming back for more.

Soul & Satisfaction

Having been constantly bombarded with digital content, consumers are tired of passive offerings without depth. They no longer want to observe from the sidelines of a screen but to be part of the action. And that action means a tactile experience that plays to the senses, sparks their minds and invites them to get involved.

Furthermore, the current cost of living squeeze means consumers are seeking increasing value from their purchases. This extends from the price they pay for a product and its performance to the shopping experience and packaging, as they aim to get maximum satisfaction from their spend.

These key consumer desires make clear that in-store retail needs to transform from transactional to experiential to allow shoppers to dial down the digital monotony and physical stores the opportunity to up the imagination, engagement and added value.

Bring On The Theatre

A physical retailer isn’t just in competition with its online counterparts but also fellow stores along the high street. So, in a sea of sameness, brands need to stand out and tell their own story.

A highly effective way of doing just that is through powerful POS and retail displays that go way beyond a bog-standard pull-up banner to transform soulless square footage into all-the-frills theatrics. We’re talking interactive, engaging and emotive spectacles that will draw people in, enrich their visit and stick in their minds.

Conveying a brand’s narrative and values via such tangible marketing tools not only makes an impactful in-store impression but adds layers to the brand-consumer relationship, therefore forging deeper connections.

Blending On & Offline Worlds

Physical retailers can still tap into the benefits of digital shopper activity to provide valuable consumer insights and help drive footfall from screen to store. This might be via a data-driven targeted campaign featuring products of interest with an in-store discount code or an invitation to an appealing in-person event.

Marketing campaigns can also enjoy seamless consistency from digital ads to print campaigns and POS shop displays, helping to reinforce brand awareness and effectively deliver messages that align with consumer values.

Then, there’s the opportunity to blend physical and digital elements in store with the bricks-and-mortar surroundings evoking comfort and familiarity while innovative digital displays provide excitement and engagement.

Shop ‘Til They Drop

Nailing an immersive retail experience won’t just win over consumers in the moment but also help magnetise them back for more, achieving customer loyalty. Spellbound shoppers are also likely to share details of their positive store visits with others, giving you shiny brand advocates, too.

And there are more marketing tactics to keep that brand-consumer spark alive outside the shop’s four walls. Think attractive, feel-good packaging that will make customers proud to carry your brand on their arm and excited to unwrap it when they get home.

In-the-bag marketing materials can provide another way to give shoppers a piece of the in-store magic to take away and offer another reason to return, whether through strengthening the brand bond or via in-store loyalty/VIP schemes or discounts.

How We Can Assist

Our Add To Basket offering is a winning combination of efficiency, theatre and innovation that simplifies the process and supercharges the possibilities for all things retail marcomms.

As both creative experts and print production pros, we can assist with everything from delivering clever data-driven campaigns to creating highly imaginative POS displays and even streamlining and managing the marketing collateral ordering process.

Supporting you from concept to creation to completion, we’ll help you communicate your messages in imaginative ways that will resonate with your audience while ticking brand guideline boxes. Furthermore, we’ll make sure your immersive in-store POS, signage, event sets and digital installations are both show-stopping and sustainable, using materials that appeal to the senses and are kind to the environment.

Keen to find out more? Then chat to our dedicated Add To Basket experts by contacting 0114 272 8888 or emailing for more information.