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The Modern Marketer's Guide: Invaluable Customer Retention & Awesome Advocates

Onboarding new customers is the most challenging part of the customer touchpoint journey, right?! Which makes retaining the ones you’ve already got of optimum importance. But how to stop their heads being turned and their feet jumping ship in a world of pure opportunism?

Well, a lot of it lies in those ongoing communications that will make them feel seen, special and valued. It’s not about the chase, but the forever after. They need to know they’re not just ‘another customer’ but one of the gang.

And so, having looked at switched-on strategies for the awareness, interest, consideration and conversion touchpoint stages, we’re focusing on the high value of converted customers and how to keep them sweet in a time of countless distractions and fleeting loyalty.

Why Treasure Existing Customers?

Cost-Efficiency: Acquiring new customers often involves hefty marketing expenses. In contrast, retaining existing customers is generally more cost-efficient. The hard work to woo and win them over has been done, so maintaining the relationship tends to be more economical.

Shorter Conversion Path: Those you’ve already struck up a relationship with are familiar with your brand, products, and services. Convincing them to stay or make additional purchases is often a shorter, less complex journey than sweet-talking a new prospect.

Steady Revenue Stream: Loyal customers provide a consistent and reliable revenue stream. Keep ‘em happy, and they’ll keep coming back for more, right?! Therefore reducing the pressure to continually chase new customers.

Advocacy: Better still, keep ‘em happy, and they’ll not only come back for more, but they’ll bring their friends, family and peers with them! Happy, loyal customers tend to become your most enthusiastic brand advocates, and their word-of-mouth recommendations work wonders for charming new customers.

Keeping The Customer Love Alive

Winning a customer's heart is just part of the journey. There needs to be continued communications that are attentive to their needs to help keep that brand-love flame alight!

And so, post-conversion touchpoints can’t solely focus on generic promotions; they need to speak to the individual whilst pre-empting and understanding how to meet their ongoing wants and needs.

The secret to doing so? Devilishly handsome data! Studying the online behaviours of customers uncovers hugely valuable insights into their preferences and habits. From how much they spend and how often to what they’re buying and at what specific points. This golden data can then be used to personalise ongoing print and digital marketing communications, ensuring they fuel the brand-love fire.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

So, what might these post-conversion interactions look like in an ever-evolving marketing landscape? And how can effective print and digital communications combined with those data-driven insights work together in sweet retention harmony?

Personalised Thank-You Cards: Get straight out of the let's-stay-together blocks with an unexpected thank-you card after that initial sale. Landing on their doorstep with love, this makes a memorable connection and helps keep you on their mind.

Exclusive VIP Events: Let them know they’re part of the clique, squad, circle (or whatever you want to call it!) by sending them eye-catching invites to exclusive events. Whether IRL or digital occasions, putting them on the VIP list not only expresses your gratitude but also encourages loyalty.

Tailored Promotions & Picks: Use those all-telling customer insights to send personal print campaigns with offers and products likely to send them weak at the knees. Think ‘just-for-you’ product picks and discounts based on previous purchases and accessed via a QR code to seamlessly guide traffic online. Alternatively, include an appealing in-store discount code to drive footfall to brick-and-mortar premises and keep that in-person brand interaction going strong.

Engaging In-Store Experiences: If you can lure customers in-store, be sure to give them an incredible experience while they’re there. We’re talking interactive, engaging and emotive POS and display spectacles that will create a wow-worthy experience. One that they’ll want to repeat and shout about to others, thus making them a loyal customer AND brand advocate.

In The Bag Offerings: The in-store touchpoint opportunities don’t stop there! Dropping further engaging brand communications into their shopping bags - whether it be an online offer code, story of the brand booklet, lookbook or magazine - all serve as effective ways to keep customer interest piqued and your relationship intact.

Perfectly Timed Solutions: Of course, it’s not just about charming your customers at the right place (whether home, in-store or online), but ideally, the interaction should be perfectly timed too. Again, dynamite customer data can be used to land attractive campaigns at optimal times. It could be a birthday offer, an abandoned cart direct mail follow-up, or home and garden product promotions sent to recent house movers.

The Language Of Love

Having decided on the most suitable touchpoints to keep the customer chemistry going, it’s essential to master your chat, too. What messages do you want to deliver, and what do your customers want to hear?

Honest Reviews & Testimonials: Positive words not only enhance your reputation, but they also serve as social proof, sparking customer interest in other products and services that you offer.

Relatable Case Studies: Customers want to know about the company they keep and to feel part of the gang, making case study stories a great way to share first-hand experiences and create a sense of belonging.

Authentic Stories: Authenticity is a top priority for modern audiences; they don’t just want to know a brand by its logo but by ‘the why’ and people behind it. This gives the company a human side and helps deepen customer relationships.

Resonating Brand Values: Similarly, customers are more likely to feel more loyalty towards businesses with similar values to their own, whether these centre around inclusivity, sustainability, animal welfare, innovation or accountability.

Customer-centricity: Above all else, it’s key to prioritise the customer's needs, preferences, and expectations with personalised touchpoints that provide solutions to their problems and make them feel cared about as an individual.

Rewarding Your Biggest Brand Fans

Getting customers to catch feels and remain loyal is one thing, but if the love affair escalates to full-on brand advocacy level, you don’t want this to be a customer that gets away.

In an era of information overload, people place immense trust in the opinions of their peers, so the more people shouting (positively) about your brand, the better!

That means it’s well worth thinking of further touchpoints that’ll reward your most devoted customers. Think exclusive and early access to relevant sales and events, plus loyalty schemes with discounts for repeat custom and rewarding referral programs.

Treat Them Well, Watch Hearts Swell

So, in a world where brand loyalty is fickle, effective touchpoints are the Milk Tray Man of customer retention and brand advocacy. It’s the edge that keeps your competitors at bay and the spirit that keeps your customers coming back for more…even when temptation is just a click away.

Furthermore, it provides the sweet talk and memorable experiences that turn casual buyers into devoted fans and outspoken advocates, ensuring your customer relationships go the distance.

Ready To Bring Your Customer Touchpoint A-Game?

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