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Mass Customisation - What Being ConnecTED Really Means

We all know the time-old saying: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. Right? Well, actually, we think that’s wrong!

But only to a certain extent. For, we believe a winning combination of the two is the key to business success…and, particularly in the world of mass-customised products.

Some of the UK’s biggest e-commerce brands (and the equally-important small ones) trust us to manufacture their personalised print-on-demand products. And that's not simply because they consider us a well-connected industry player but also a highly-knowledgeable print pro.

For we have the nous and skills to get any job done AND an incredible network of innovative people to help take things to the next level.

So, how exactly do we tick both those ‘what’ and the ‘who’ boxes that help drive the success of our clients’ mass-customised products, and how can we connect with you to do the same?

Well, it all comes down to a simple yet highly effective formula…

Technology + Collaboration = ConnecTED

(The TED bit stands for Technology Enabled Demand, just in case you’re wondering!)

We’ve found that clients most value our industry-leading print capabilities and vast product knowledge. And so, in our mass customisation ConnecTED offering, we marry together technology (the what) with collaboration (the who) for a rewarding work relationship unlike any other!

The Tech

Connecting with our clients via technology means plugging their online systems into our super slick automated workflows and software so they can benefit from our seamless manufacturing and fulfilment processes. From printing to packing to posting!

API Integration

Whether WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento or the like, we use our clever APIs and integration tools to seamlessly link up customers’ e-commerce sites with our impressive automated workflows. It’s a breezy onboarding process that means we can get orders from web to letterbox in super quick time and with ultimate precision. Better still, it doesn’t matter if your mass-customised product is standard or specialised or if you’re selling one a week or hundreds of thousands; it’s all dealt with easily and speedily.

Personalisation Engine

Technology doesn’t only better connect us to the client but to the end customer too. Using a clever plug-and-play personalisation engine with intuitive UI and on-screen rendering, we can bring customised products to life in front of customers’ very eyes. So, for example, the full content of a personalised children’s storybook can be previewed during the online shopping process, creating a fantastic user experience and hugely increasing the likelihood of them hitting that magic ‘add to basket’ button. It then automatically converts to a high-res pdf and instantly connects to the API order workflow. And this game-changing screen-to-print production process works for all types of personalised products, from cards and photo books to T-shirts and mugs.

Sites and Shipping

With such intelligent workflows and state-of-the-art print technology across our four UK sites, we can fulfil hundreds of thousands of orders daily whilst giving visibility to both clients and end customers. For example, asynchronous integration allows for effortless punch backs to the client at every point of the process, from order confirmation to production completion and dispatch. Likewise, courier and Royal Mail integration in the API allows for a flawless customer experience that keeps them in the loop with the status and whereabouts of their order, sending automatic, branded updates via text or email.

The Collab

Collaboration is central to the Precision Proco ethos. We’re always keen to work closely with our clients for our clients to really understand their business now and where they want to take it in the future. So, naturally, collaboration is weaved through our ConnecTED offering. We act as a seamless extension of our client’s business, sharing our insights, innovations, and ideas to further enhance their mass-customised product offering and gain notable growth.

Product Development

Whether helping a client scale up an existing product, supporting them in bringing exciting new products to market or assisting in tapping into fresh markets, product development is a big part of what we do. As such, we’ve always got an eye on new trends, customer needs and potential revenue streams to help improve market share, react to demand and create growth.

User Experience

A smooth online buying journey is imperative to converting new customers and retaining existing ones. And so, we work closely with our smart tech partners to create new user experiences that are engaging, easy and enjoyable. Such links also allow us to bring new products and processes to client platforms seamlessly and speedily.

Business Growth

We’re continually drawing on our product and marketing knowledge to look at ways to enable growth for our clients, so how to increase basket value and profitability whilst lowering the cost of acquisition. A great example would be giving customers the option to buy a greeting card and gift wrap while purchasing a gift. Or it might be positioning an apron and recipe notebook alongside a cookbook to encourage customers to build their basket.

Global Network

Finally, our ‘who-you-know’ connections extend to a global network of trusted print partners. This means should a client wants to launch mass-customised products in multiple countries, we can help make it happen by hooking them up with fellow print pros around the globe.

The Results

So, there we have it! How connecting via technology and collaboration is the perfect combo for mass-customised product success that will arm you with both the ‘what’ and the ‘who’.

Our switched-on ConnecTED approach saw us producing just under one million orders in a single day last year across our four UK sites with 100% accuracy in getting the right product to the right person at the right time.

And handling the entire production and fulfilment side for our clients doesn’t just mean hitting those SLAs, but it frees up hugely valuable time that they can focus on further acquisition and growth.

Ready to get ConnecTED? Then let’s chat! Simply give us a buzz on 0114 272 8888 or drop us a line via for more information or to discuss your individual requirements. Bringing technology and collaboration together for incredible results!