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Sink, then swim: How a data deep-dive helps drive marketing campaign success

There’s a lot of chat about data being king, but without a driving force behind this precious intel, your marketing campaigns won’t reign supreme.

The information needs to be studied, filtered and geeked out on to gain those valuable insights, rather than just sitting in some digital storage space collecting virtual dust.

By examining the preferences and behaviours of your current audience, you can spot patterns and opportunities that will help steer your decision-making, enhance customer interactions and boost overall business efficiency.

And that’s even before we get onto increasing your ROI, reducing your COA and cleaning up your carbon footprint!

Advantages of Data-Driven Marketing

So, for anyone not putting data to good use, we’re highlighting how deep diving into these insight-rich waters can make your future marketing campaigns all the more buoyant.

Refine Your Aim

First and foremost, digging into your past data can instantly power up your marketing campaigns of the future.

From consumer behaviours, characteristics and geographical locations to purchasing patterns and average spending, there are many incredible insights to unearth. And it’s this eye-opening info that’ll help refine your audience aim and sharpen your marketing approach.

For you, it means delivering your products or services right into the eager hands of those most likely to snap them up and when they're most primed to make a purchase. For your consumers, it’s like having their own personal shopper who knows exactly what they want when they want it, making them more likely to engage and remain loyal.

Our HomingIn campaign management system provides a shining example of how brands can use data to tap into the lucrative homemover market - targeting the right people at the right time for game-changing results!

Get Personal

Using data means you can strengthen those consumer relationships further by making your marcomms personal. Never has this been more integral - or expected - than in our competitive digital age, where consumers can have their heads turned in a heartbeat.

Your touchpoints need to cut through the noise, engage with and speak directly to the individual, and the data you collect can help you do exactly that!

Think of a personalised product brochure based on a customer’s previous purchases landing on their doorstep, an exclusive invite to a local brand event or a birthday card with a one-off discount code.

Getting personal will help make your consumers feel valued and seen and increase the chances of them sticking with you for the long run as your relationship blossoms. 

Twin For The Win

Leveraging your data not only helps retain the customers you’ve got, but it also helps you tap into valuable new consumer groups!

You see, by studying the spending habits of your current brand fans, you can look for more consumers who spend in a similar way, but who haven’t yet discovered your business. We like to call them customer lookalikes.

Then, armed with insights into what you know will make these lookalikes tick, you can craft engaging marketing campaigns that’ll be right up their spending street. Think strategically created brochures and lookbooks or irresistible first-time sign-up offers that’ll have them hook, line and sinker!

Do More With Less

Another advantage of data-driven marketing? It allows you to do more with less, which is good news for your bottom line, resources and the planet!

For example, instead of spending time, budget and resources on mass door drops, you can use data to craft clever direct mail campaigns targeted specifically at audiences far more likely to engage and convert.

Modern print-on-demand technology supports this tailored approach, enabling you to print what you want when you need it, whether that be tens or tens of thousands. Not only does this eliminate the burden of unnecessary, large-scale print runs, but it helps reduce waste, costs and your carbon footprint.

Keep It Clean

But, of course, your marketing success will only be as good as your resources, so keeping your database up-to-date should be a priority.

Ensuring accuracy with a little database spring clean every so often will eliminate duplicates or outdated information being stored, which, in turn, will streamline operations, boost productivity, and conserve resources.

And so, by embracing data management best practices, you’ll save yourself even more time and money while contributing to a cleaner, greener future.

Don’t Go It Alone

We get it; data can be daunting, right?! All those numbers, fields and filters. But there are pros in the know who can do the deep dive for you. Specialists say, like us!

We can get geeky with your data, studying the behaviours of your current consumers and comparing them against other lucrative consumer pools to spot exciting growth opportunities.

Better still, we’ve got creatives who can collaborate with you on innovative campaign ideas, AND, as leaders in print, we can help you ace the production side, too. That means providing perfectly polished direct mail marketing material and delivering it to those on your data-fuelled target hit list!

Are you a brand looking to tap into the highly valuable homemovers market, or has your growth with homemovers recently plateaued? Then be sure to check out our clever HomingIn proposition, which combines modern data analysis with trusted print marketing to successfully target these spend-happy consumers.