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Door Drops & Cookies

Thinking about your 2024 marketing activity, our new Business Development Manager, Terry Boland shares with us his thoughts on why doordrops could be an integral part of your marketing campaign.

Within an ever-increasing digital world Door Drops remain an important, highly effective, and valuable media channel for acquiring, and indeed, retaining customers. Particularly in the context of evolving digital privacy regulations whereby the use of cookies is becoming ever more restricted.

Here are several reasons why Door Drops could be an integral part of a media campaign:

Targeting Without Cookies

As digital privacy concerns grow, restrictions on the use of cookies are becoming more prevalent. Door Drops provide an alternative method for targeted advertising without relying on digital tracking technologies.

Physical Tangibility

Door Drops offer a tangible and physical form of advertising. Unlike digital ads that can be easily ignored or overlooked, a physical piece of marketing material delivered through the letterbox has a physical presence that can capture attention, and interactivity.

Multi-Sensory Experience

Door drops engage multiple senses, including sight and touch. This multi-sensory experience can create a stronger connection between the consumer and the brand.


The latest JICMail stats show the average door drop item will stay in the home for 5.6 days, during which time it will be revisited 3.2 times, whilst having a reach, within the household of 1.06. This brand engagement is exceptional when compared to other channels such as digital.

Local Targeting

Door Drops, although they can be used on a wider, maybe regional, or even, national basis, they are highly effective for local targeting. Businesses can reach specific geographic areas and neighbourhoods, tailoring their marketing messages to the local audience.


With advancements in printing technology, door drops can be highly personalised. Variable data printing allows businesses to customise messages based on demographic information, preferences, and other relevant data without privacy concerns.

Bypassing Ad Blockers

As more internet users employ ad blockers to avoid digital ads, door drops offer a way to bypass these tools, ensuring that marketing materials reach the intended audience and are delivered direct to the household.

High Impact

A well-designed and visually appealing door drop can have a high impact on the recipient. It can convey a brand message in a memorable way, potentially leading to better recall and engagement compared to digital ads.

No Digital Noise

In a digital environment crowded with online ads and messages, door drops stand out by providing a break from the digital noise. This can result in a more focused and less distracted audience.

Building Trust

Physical marketing materials can contribute to building trust. Consumers may perceive door drops as more genuine and personal, fostering a sense of connection with the brand.

Complementing Digital Campaigns

Door Drops can be part of an integrated marketing strategy that complements digital campaigns. By combining offline and online efforts, businesses can create a cohesive and comprehensive customer acquisition approach.

In summary, door drops offer a unique set of advantages for customer acquisition, especially in a digital landscape where privacy concerns and cookie restrictions are prevalent. Integrating door drops into a comprehensive marketing strategy allows businesses to diversify their approach, reach audiences in a more personal and tangible way, and adapt to changing dynamics in the digital advertising landscape.


If you're considering door drops as part of your offline marketing strategy and would like to discuss tailored solutions that align with your business goals, reach out to Terry, Business Development Manager - New Business at or give him a call on 07894 368833.