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Why Corporate Gifting Isn’t Just For Christmas

The power of gift-giving shouldn’t be underestimated. And yet, in the business world, we can easily fall into the habit of it merely becoming a December box-ticking exercise.

But what if we told you that when extended beyond one expected month of the year, the act of gift-giving can form an effective part of your business strategy AND seriously boost company culture?

You see, in a society dominated by emails, Zoom calls and remote working, it’s more important than ever to have regular and engaging touchpoints with those important to us to let them know they matter.

And well-thought-out, tangible gifts have the power to do precisely that. Landing directly in the hands of clients, partners, suppliers, prospects and employees, they stand out in a digitally crowded space whilst sparking feelings of gratitude, trust and loyalty.

See how you might be missing a trick here?! In which case, you might want to take note as we reveal why corporate gifting isn’t just for Christmas.

The Power Of Gifting

We’ve all experienced those warm, fuzzy feelings when either giving or receiving a gift, that wonderful hit of happiness (or, more specifically, oxytocin!) that instantly boosts our mood. And studies show that, along with those emotional benefits we receive through the act of gratitude, there are physical and even health benefits too. These include boosting immunity, self-esteem and sleep quality, plus lowering stress and anxiety.

Furthermore, research reveals that gift-giving helps create positive memories and strengthen relationships, with the recipient often feeling closer to the gifter due to the gesture and sentiment.

So, how do these benefits translate to the business world? Well, in terms of employees, this form of gratitude makes them feel seen, heard and valued. It can positively impact company culture and create a strong sense of community, making them feel like part of a team, which is especially important for remote workers. Meanwhile, the perks for the business include boosted work morale and productivity and increased employee loyalty and retention.

On the client side, if looking to forge new relationships with prospective customers, corporate gifts can help spark that connection, setting you apart from the competition by gaining and holding their attention. Meanwhile, for existing clients, partners and suppliers, unexpected tangible treats will remind them that they are valued, making them feel special and creating more positive memories and experiences associated with your brand. The benefits business side? Stronger, deeper client connections which build trust and loyalty, plus increased brand awareness.

Prime Present-Sending Opportunities

Now that you’re aware of the bountiful benefits of corporate gifting, question is, when to get sending? While we encourage using this highly effective connection tool beyond the traditional festive period, it should still be well thought through so recipients know the gesture is one wrapped in sincerity. So, here are some opportunities that we believe are ideal for getting your gift on:

Delivering a warm welcome - Whether bringing a just-recruited employee into the fold or onboarding a new client, a thoughtful welcome gift can go a long way towards helping them feel like part of your family/gang/community whilst also making a good first impression.

Telling a story - In a digital-heavy world, using a tangible treat is an effective way to get noticed and communicate a key message. So, whether you’re having a rebrand, expanding the business or launching a new product, sending a relatable gift to employees, clients, and the press can help spread your news far and wide.

Creating an experience - Gifting is also a godsend when it comes to ensuring your business events feel like an experience. Think doubling up a gift as an invite pre-event, gifting something personal at the event to make guests feel thought of, or following up with a photo-related gift post-event to perfectly frame (and remind them of) that positive experience.

Celebrating success - People never tire of a pat on the back, so whether a ‘thank you’ to an employee or a ‘well done’ to a client on reaching a milestone or bagging an industry award, sentiment sent in gift form has a significant impact.

Engaging Corporate Gifts

With the ‘when to send corporate gifts?’ covered, you’re likely questioning what to send. Well, we advise thinking outside the box on that one too!

Personal - We have spoken about the immense power of personalised products before, and it’s certainly a main player when it comes to impactful corporate gifts. It allows you to take an everyday item, like a pen, and turn it into a joyful experience every time it’s used simply by adding a person’s name or initials. Another favourite of ours is combining an edible treat with personalisation. We’ve seen the awesome response this winning recipe can have via Tony’s Chocolonys’ Personal Label Creator, which allows you to send a bar of the sweet stuff wrapped in an individually designed label. Igniting those happy ‘especially-for-you’ vibes and delivering something truly delicious in the process.

Value-aligned - As touched on in the above point on storytelling, corporate gifts can be an effective way to reflect company values, goals and messages. For example, as a business proud of its Sheffield roots, one of our welcome gifts features iconic Yorkshire produce, such as Henderson’s Relish and Yorkshire Tea, alongside a branded coaster and mug. Meanwhile, our latest corporate Christmas gift titled ‘Plant a Tree for 2023’ tied in with our environmental, social, and governance commitments, bringing the message to life in a fun and inspiring way.

Engaging - With life whizzing by at the speed of light, corporate gifts that stop recipients in their tracks and offer a minute of calm can be particularly effective. So we’re talking photo books, puzzles and wellness-related pressies. As part of our 2023 corporate Christmas gift, we included an individually designed ‘flat-pack’ card Christmas tree for recipients to assemble into a cool 3D model. Not only did this deliver a pleasurable and innovative experience, but it also gave them a sense of pride that they wanted to share with others by posting the fruits (or, in this case, first) of their labour online for all to see!

Practical - Sounds a little dry compared to the others we know, but sending resourceful rather than gimmicky gifts can mean they’re used and appreciated on repeat rather than relegated to the depths of a drawer. So think good quality, (tastefully) branded water bottles, reusable/travel cups, pens and journals.

Above all else, be sure the gift carries sentiment, has a purpose (storytelling, celebrating, welcoming etc.) and remains professional. You can also reinforce your reasoning or message with a personalised card!

Oh, and don’t forget, this gift-giving is a two-way, feel-good street. So, by weaving corporate gifting into your marketing, business or company culture strategy and plans, you, as the sender, can expect to experience feelings of heightened joy too!


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