Using QR codes to bridge the gap between physical and digital experiences

There was a time not that long ago when the feeling was QR codes had definitely had their day.

It seemed they had gone the way of so many five minute wonders (remember My Space? No we thought not) or even, going further back, the minute in the spotlight enjoyed by Betamax before VHS.

It has to be said that the resurgence in the use of QR codes has had a lot to do with the effect of Covid-19, as they proved – and are still proving – a simple way to access the all important track and trace system.

Hospitality has been one of the fastest industries to fall in love with QR codes again, as they can be used for ordering and limiting the amount of person to person contact.

Add into the mix the fact that you don’t need to download an app but can simply use the camera on your phone and you have an easy-to-use resource which can really benefit a business.

QR codes can become the bridge between the online and offline world and because we are now so used to scanning them, it’s not too much of a push to encourage customers and the public at large to see what the code will reveal.

They are a great way to get customers to connect from a non digital medium – for example scanning an advertisement for further insights or information, food preparation details from a recipe or even a link to “live” CV.

You can use a QR to give customers a unique and bespoke experience, taking them to a product range or items which you know will be of interest to them.

They’ll appreciate the personalised touch and in turn, you’ll hopefully have created a strong bond of loyalty.

It’s also an ideal way to quickly share offers and deals without customers having to scroll through a website.

The fact that everyone pretty much has a smartphone these days means that you can get to your target market quickly and effortlessly using the QR code.

At the same time it’s easy now to personalize your QR code so it fits with your brand, making it more memorable for the user.

And don’t forget the not inconsiderable insights that your QR code can bring. Using it on a poster, a flyer, a brochure or any other printed material allows you to discover which is the most effective point of contact for you – by virtue of the number of scans you receive.

This can massively inform your marketing decisions and spend, ensuring that you are using it in the best way to grow your business.